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i literally procrastinate talking to my friends like it hits me “oh shit i havent talked to that friend in a while” and im like “yeah ill have to do that later” and then i dont

then i feel really guilty about it and [AVOIDANCE INTENSIFIES]

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  • every teacher: she has the ability but she's lazy






One of the TRUEST things I’ve ever came across.

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Lol, you realize this movie and book were designed…like the whole point, was to show how fucking stupid Durden’s ideology was, right? 

His revolution is a revolution of lemmings.  Of fuck up idiots.

There’s no truth here.  Just the hysterical whining of a group of dudes who have been handed everything in their lives and because there’s no victory parade waiting for them at the very end, they go blow up some buildings.

Stop promoting this movie and book as anything but the satirization of an ideology of idiots.

You like the message of Tyler Durden?  Go find an MRA message board to hang at, because you’ll find a lot of this kind of thing there.

Fuck out of here with this weak shit.
Go watch a movie like The Raspberry Reich, you losers. 

Straight cis-dudes with your fake revolutions.  You’re probably wearing khakis right now.

I love Fight Club in all it’s forms. It’s a great deconstruction of let’s call it a crisis of masculinity in traditional cis white males. Tyler makes a lot of good points, but not realising that it’s all operating at a satire level is the mistake a lot of “fans” make, hence missing the whole point of the book and the film.

As a young white cis guy when I watched it (age 23) it was like “whoah… this movie talks to me”… fortunately after a while if you’re not an idiot you can step back, see the satire and context and be more like “oh, so that’s what it means and what is going on… the world doesn’t owe me anything”

The reason it’s not very effective as a satire is because of the way the Marla Singer character is used.  Rather than the revolution imploding on it’s own stupidity, you are distracted by this ham fisted love story, where the girl appears to save the troubled boy.  Marla ends up being positioned as a threat to the very things that Fight Club is most effective at rallying it’s fans around, which are these “revolutionary” slogans.  And so rather than see the satire play itself out fully and flip back on it’s adherrents—what happens is Marla “breaks up the band”, and because that part is so poorly attatched to the rest of the story, it is less believable than the stupid parts—so when you walk away from the movie or book, your principal memory of the parts you like the most are the very parts that the work was supposed to be satirizing.

As a satire it is very muddled, and incredibly ineffective at conveying it’s message because of it’s authors shortcomings in crafting believable human characters, and poor choices in terms of the overall construction of the book. 

It’s also not helped by marrying Ficher’s visually appealing aesthetic over the top of it.  Nor does the homoerotic tension between Pitt and Norton help things either.  In almost all ways the film fights the message of the story, and demonizes the Helena Bonham Carter character.

It is a complete mess.  But it’s really popular because the dumbass slogans the film is supposed to be satirizing DO speak to the dumbass entitlement of a largely straight white male audience of a particular age group.

This movie and book’s popularity is the empowerment of fools who already have all of the power and privilege you could want.  And that there will now be a sequel cash grab…well…ha.

I guess at least it’s not Choke.

Like what you like, but this is a bullshit film and book.

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